The History of WKTV

The Oldest Community TV in the US is:
In 1969 WSTO TV was started in Stoughton, WI as Viking Media Corp. WSTO is the oldest PEG channel still in existence. WSTO began before the city of Stoughton, Wisconsin even had cable. Bob Burrel and his wife Janeen ran their own cables throughout the city and began to broadcast to people homes. Once cable service providers decided to come into Stoughton, Viking Media Corp, in association with The City of Stoughton, negotiated the first franchise agreement requiring the cable provider to provide a channel for this community station to continue, and requiring them to provide some funding in the form of an annual franchise fee. Thus insuring the life of the channel. Not too long after, Viking Media Corp became WSTO TV.


The Best is:
On November 11, 1974 WKTV in Wyoming, Michigan was incorporated and in 2014 celebrated 40 years of operation. WKTV is one of the very first community TV stations in the State of Michigan and one of the oldest, most continuously operated Community Television stations in the United States. The "W" and "K" stand for Wyoming-Kentwood Television. Originally, WKTV was known simply as Wyoming Community Television. In 1995, the City of Kentwood recognized the decades of service WKTV had provided to area residents and entered into a franchise agreement with the local cable operator to join their neighbor city of Wyoming, thus creating WKTV, which now proudly serves both communities.

In 2002, near the border of Wyoming and Kentwood, WKTV built a new community television and media production facility. WKTV's 10,000 s.f. facility features two studios, multiple edit bays, public spaces, classrooms for media instruction and a 35' television production truck, one of the largest in Michigan. WKTV enjoys an active volunteer base of more than 400 people and in 2012, community volunteers provided over 13,000 hours of volunteer time to WKTV.




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