Join us every Tuesday at 7:00pm at Lamar Park in Wyoming for Concerts In The Park. Grab your folding chairs and COME ON DOWN! What's not to like about visiting with friends and neighbors and listening to great music? Enjoy the concerts and be part of the crew by contacting Bill, Davin, or Cameron. Can't make it to the show? You can still enjoy the bands by watching your favorite channel, WKTV 25, for the weekly airings: Wednesday @ 5:00pm and Saturday @ 11:00am & 10:00pm.


June 6
Detroit Circus

June 13
Shelagh Brown Band

June 20
Tejano Sound Band

June 27
Sweet J Band & Brena band

July 11

July 18
6 Pack

July 25

August 1
Union Guns


WKTV Programming

Classic Arts Showcase Democracy Now!

Channel 25 in Wyoming, Kentwood and Gaines Township (U-Verse Channel 99).




    9:00 AM
    Senior Exercise
    9:30 AM
    Custer's Bootscooters
    10:00 AM
    Community Awareness
    10:30 AM
    On Point
    11:00 AM
    Whittlin' Time
    11:30 AM
    Women In Science & Tech
    12:00 PM
    WKTV Special Presentation
    1:00 PM
    Vietnamese Community TV
    2:00 PM
    Silent Voices
    2:30 PM
    Diwaniya For Women
    3:00 PM
    Hollywood Makeover
    3:30 PM
    The Adventures of Scuba Jack
    4:00 PM
    The Adventures of Donkey Ollie
    4:30 PM
    The Reading Train
    5:00 PM
    A Day In The Dirt
    5:30 PM
    NASA Connect
    6:00 PM
    Is That Really Me On TV?
    6:30 PM
    Cooking With Angus
    7:00 PM
    The Great American Brew Trail
    7:30 PM
    WKTV Cooking Show
    8:00 PM
    8:30 PM
    More Music Videos
    9:00 PM
    Skid Road Music Videos
    10:00 PM
    Byron Sounds Of Summer
    11:00 PM
    Michigan's Finest Talent
    12:00 AM
    Midnite Movie
    1:00 AM
    Classic Arts Showcase


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