Studios and Edit Bays

Studio A Control Room: This is where your crew controls the productions in Studio A. What happens in the control room, stays in the control room.

Control Room


Studio A: With many different options for sets and backdrops, Studio A is perfect for your show idea. Use the “infinity whitewall” or any of the new set pieces in Studio A to give your show a unique look.

Studio A


WKTV's Studio A has a 70 x 20 foot green screen for special effects use for films and television projects!

Green Screen   Studio A


With many different options that can fit whatever look your TV show is searching for, we have it at WKTV. From an extensive selection of professional drapery to a full cyc wall. Our established set can be altered to make it perfect for chat shows, cooking entertainment or musical performances. Whatever you're looking for, we have it and can help you make it a reality at WKTV!


Studio A   Studio A


In 2013 we chose the JVC GY-HM790 as our primary camera system for the mobile unit and studio productions. The mobile utilizes a base of four of these cameras, each with Telcast fiber transmission. Studio A uses three of these cameras with the multi-pin connection. All deliver superb, full HD images.

Studio Cameras


Editing your Project at WKTV? Each of our 5 editing bays, plus the Digital Cinema Suite has Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, DaVinci color timing software and Logic. Get properly trained and start using the one that best suites your needs!

Adobe Premiere



WKTV Equipment List

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Mobile Equipment for TV
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Equipment Portal

Blackmagic URSAUnboxing

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

See some of its features, and hear a few corny jokes in the process.
learn more

Canon XF300 and XF305Technical Tips

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Canon's new XF305 compact camcorder features a unibody design, incorporating an 18X zoom lens.
learn more

Cinevate Rigfor the XF300 & XF305

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning. learn more

Kino Flo 4 BankLighting Technical Support

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Bill Holshevnikoff demostrates Kino Flo products from the Kino Flo showroom in Burbank, CA. learn more