Sound Production Equipment

Audio Technica Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Audio Technica Wireless Lavalier Microphone: We have a number of these available for check out and they make the interview setting that much easier to handle. We have two of these systems available for check out.

Lectosonics Wireless Systems: One of the best names in wireless audio transmission and used by news eng applications everywhere. The Lectosonics system allows you to use a handheld mic with the bothersome XLR mic cable attached to the camera. Just place the small cube transmitter on the hand held microphone and you are ready for that walk through interview or easily switching from one subject to the next. 2 systems are available.

Sennheiser Hand Held microphones: WKTV offers a selection of Sennheiser hand held microphones. Some of the best microphones available to give you superior and crisp sound.  Audio Technica “wired” Lavalier Microphones Two of these are available if used a wireless mic just won’t do.

Fishpole “boom”: WKTV has two of these available if your interview or film project requires an operator to operate the microphone on the traditional boom while on location.

Super Cardiod Microphones: WKTV has an assortment of super cardiod or “shotgun” microphones for use on the fishpole booms and to be set out on stands for extra pick up at the event where getting super close with the microphone is just not possible.

Shure Mixer: A portable Shure mixer for mixing multiple mic sources on location and mixing them down to a single analogue output for input into your recording device or camera.

Zoom Audio Recorder
Zoom Audio Recorder: Shooting double system sound on your next film or television project? Do it in stereo with the Zoom handheld audio recorder. Comes with 1G SD cards to handle all your professional sound recording requirements here at WKTV and throughout the community!

Boom Mic
Rode Mics and Boom: We'll even include the dead cat! Whether you're shooting double system for film or recording at the camera, we have the compliment of Rode, Audio Technica and Sennheiser mics to make it all sound great!




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