The Light On Their Face

For use in the field or in the studio, WKTV has a wide range of lighting gear available for check out. We offer classes in lighting for documentary, television production in the field or in the studio and a wide range of other applications.


Diva LightDiva Light: The Portable Diva-Lite® series have become the industry’s most popular professional cool lighting fixtures for video location work. The Diva-Lite 401 portable softlights boast the company’s trademark modular fixture designs with full-range dimming, switching and remote control features. The Universal model can be used anywhere in the world from 100VAC to 240VAC. Diva-Lite 201 fixtures likewise are portable, versatile units designed for the rigors of run and gun lighting for news or commercial video production. All Diva-Lites can go from nighttime to daytime interiors by switching True Match® tungsten for daylight quality lamps. It’s like having two set-ups in one!

Mole Richardson Mini LightMole Richardson Mini Light: A smaller light with a “Fresnel” focusable lens. It’s great to back light your subject and create just the right amount of separation from the background. Control the light with barn doors. Versatile and rugged, it comes on a solid Mole Richardson stand. Four of these are available as a kit only.


Mole Richardson Baby LightMole Richardson Baby Light: A very powerful 600W light that’s best for in studio use. Light powerful enough to brighten up someone on the other side of the room. Use it on a bounce card for just the right soft light. Comes on a Mole Richardson stand and has barn doors to help control the light.


Lowell Camera Mounted LightLowell Camera Mounted Light: The Lowel id-Light is the world's first focusable and dimmable camera-top light. It provides increased versatility, especially in news and documentary use where lighting conditions may change quickly. Its 20KHz dimmer provides graceful dimming with no electronic interference in the camera.



Mole Richardson 2K
Mole Richardson 2K:
WKTV has an assortment of Mole Richardson 2K Babys and Juniors available. With edison plugs and multiple leaf barn doors, these are popular for creating a large amount of light over a big area.



Kino Flo Gaffer Kit

Kino Flo Gaffer Kit: Need a lot of soft light with low power consumption? The Kino Flo Gaffer Kit is a 2 light, 4ft., 4 bank kit with louvers that creates a soft even throw over a short depth area.



Kino Flo 2ft 4 bank Kit
Kino Flo 2ft 4 bank Kit:
Like its big brother (but smaller), the 4 footer is more portable and great for interview locations when just the right amount of soft light is needed. Technical Support



The Chimera Kits

The Chimera Kits: WKTV has several Chimera kits available to turn those harsh tungsten lights into the perfect, even soft light without using the ubiquitous c-47's to hold diffusion sheets to the barn doors. 650w (Of course, we have and use those too!).



The Arri Kit

The Arri Kit: A more traditional tungsten light kit with stands. 650w and 300w. Perfect for the interview setting or any variety of applications. Technical Support



Gels, Scrims, Diffusion, Flags, Foamcore
Gels, Scrims, Diffusion, Flags, Foamcore:
A wide assortment of gels, diffusion of different types and sizes.



C-stands, light stands, stingers and more
C-stands, light stands, stingers and more:
You'll need C-stands, light stands and piles of stingers to make it all work and we have them in varying sizes and lengths.


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Kino Flo 4 BankLighting Technical Support

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

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