Cameras: Production Storage & Support

CinevateCinevate: You want to create community television and media and you’re becoming even more creative. Excellent! We’re talking using the above mentioned cameras and gear and now adding filters along with the use of a follow focus assembly. This rig here at WKTV is perfect for the indie film maker creating content for the channel. Mounts on a tripod or as a hand held unit.


IKAN Stealth Camera: Technical Support
IKAN Stealth Camera


Ki Pro Mini: Volunteers and indie producers here at WKTV are learning that tapeless workflow for your community program, documentary, sports, music, or political event presents a myriad of new challenges. This has to do with the codecs used. Taking the classes at WKTV teaches you how to understand this workflow AND our Ki Pro Mini is a tapeless video recording device that records high quality Apple ProRes 422 Quicktime files from SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs. Attach it with or without the Cinevate system with our Canon FX300 HD cameras and you are on your way from “lens to post…in a flash!”
Ki Pro Mini

CanonXF300CanonXF300: Volunteers and indie producers here at WKTV have fallen in love with our acquisition of the Canon XF300 HD cameras for field production. Community television creators, filmmakers, documentary producers love its ease of use and tapeless (uses compact flash cards as a record medium) work flow. Set up an orientation class for use of this great production tool! Technical Support


GOPRO CamerasGOPRO CAMERAS: These puppies have revolutionized the way content creators here at WKTV approach their projects. Tiny, un-obtrusive and astonishingly cool; the miniature GoPro HD cameras at WKTV are being used as in car cameras for drag and circle track car racing, motorcross coverage and a host of other neat applications. We have six of them and a GoPro team of community volunteers make these little guys sing at the sporting events we use them on.


Manfrotto Tripods: WKTV provides camera support in the form of Manfrotto tripod systems for all the Canon XF300 and Sony DSR series cameras. Rugged, reliable performers with a center ball for easy and fast leveling, you’ll love their ease of use and the professional stability you get with every use!


Compact Flash CardCompact Flash Card: These are available for check out as well. Our 32G and 16G Compact Flash cards allow you to record right to the card with the Canon XF300’s and if you use the Ki Pro Mini, load the proper codec right into Final Cut Pro with no conversion process.


Durus Follow Focus: The sealed internal gear set and bearing assembly assures effortless movement, near zero lash, and a lifetime of maintenance free use in a commercial environment. The entire unit is computer machined from 3 aluminum billets leaving plastic used only for the dry-erase focus ring and interchangeable (.8 film pitch) drive gear.

Titan Matte Box:  The Titan matte box (includes top & side flags, not in this picture) is the world's first fully height-adjustable swing-away mattebox. Using a CNC machined aluminum frame, and carbon fibre uprights, the box frame is strong enough to be used as a handle for a 40lb rig.

Proteus Shorty Rails System- 15mm Solid Carbon (2R,B) 30cm:  This is a simple, strong and inexpensive rails system using our exclusive solid carbon fibre 15mm rails material.


Shoulder Mount with Counterbalance:  The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning. Technical Support

Shoulder Mount with Counterbalance

Uno Grip: This grip can be mounted, and configured nearly anywhere on your rig. A single "Kip" handle allows you to toollessly adjust the grip any virtually any direction, angle or rotation.


LED Camera lights for Canon XF300: Add these to your next field production. Shooting an interview on the go. If it’s not a formal sit down interview but instead a “news style” interview, mount the LED on camera light and you’ve got just the right amount of fill so matter if it’s day or night! One available for each camera.


JonyJibJonyJib: WKTV provides a amazing way for community producers to kick the look of their production up a notch with the JonyJib. Our classes on operating the jib can give your next shoot or production a create look as the camera glides up and over the subject matter for the production of music videos, sporting events, dramatic opening and closing shots for a wide variety of productions that you create. Many of the community volunteers here are already trained in the use of the jib and you can learn as well! The jib is also available as a field production tool.


Doug on the JonyJib   JonyJib



Black Magic Digital Cinema CameraThe Black Magic Digital Cinema Camera: WKTV is pleased to announce another tool available for film makers in our facility. The Black Magic Digital Cinema Camera. With this and DaVinci Color Correcting software your story gets told with amazing clarity and a real film look. The camera comes with a compliment of lenses and the Cinevate gear. Need training? Contact our staff to begin telling your stories as a film maker in WKTV's Digital Cinema Program!




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Blackmagic URSAUnboxing

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

See some of its features, and hear a few corny jokes in the process.
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Canon XF300 and XF305Technical Tips

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Canon's new XF305 compact camcorder features a unibody design, incorporating an 18X zoom lens.
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Cinevate Rigfor the XF300 & XF305

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The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning. learn more

Kino Flo 4 BankLighting Technical Support

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Bill Holshevnikoff demostrates Kino Flo products from the Kino Flo showroom in Burbank, CA. learn more